Human Factors MasterclassesTrevor Dale Managing Director

Working with Atrainability has helped me appreciate just how hard so many healthcare teams work under stressful and often under-resourced conditions.

Given the circumstances error is almost inevitable and it is good to see how well they do. To be able to help improve safety for all is a privilege.

The one story that really struck me was when a Clinician called to say ‘they didn’t kill the patient today!’ A bizarre statement but what he meant was they faced a clinical emergency and the team reacted so effectively that it almost became a non-event. The Nurses thanked the Clinician for passing on our training to them in a practical way.

The human error that struck home the hardest was when I heard of a young man being given a vasectomy in error. He was in for a simple procedure and the team failed to use the checklist. The Doctor was sacked, the Senior Nurse sacked and suspended by their professional body. I hope the procedure was reversed but I don’t know. Tragedy all round as a result of a typical day in overload conditions. The checklists can’t help if you don’t treat them with respect.

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