Human Factors MasterclassesTheresa Campbell Training and Client Manager

There’s no doubt about it - human factors make a difference, even if like me you don’t spend your working day in a high risk environment - unless the printer’s having a bad day of course!

My role in Atrainability is almost entirely office-based; we’re a small team and that means I need to be able to do an assortment of things - some complex, requiring a high level skill and knowledge, others more simple and straightforward. It’s generally these that are most likely to result in errors and give me a headache, and my major ‘horror-scenario’ is that I have a trainer in Southampton, a large group of delegates in Norwich and an empty training room in Glasgow! So far, so good -

with almost eight years of arranging numerous training events all over the country for Atrainability, it’s not happened yet - but I live in fear…well, maybe not quite, but the possibility of such a failure is never far away.

For me, the keys to a calm, satisfying working day and peace of mind lie with checklists, communication, common-sense and clarity. If I follow my processes, ensure I have all the information I need, involve my colleagues and put myself in our clients’ shoes, I’ve got a reasonable chance of avoiding the major pitfalls…and of having a good night’s sleep! Knowing that I need to look out for those pesky human factors lurking in the unknown, and being mindful of the skills and strategies that underpin a good day at the office, all goes to reinforce my admiration for those of you who face the daily challenges of a demanding healthcare environment. Well done and thank you !

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