Human Factors MasterclassesKatie Morris PA to MD and Marketing Coordinator

The term Human Factors was completely new to me when I started working with Atrainability. As I began to learn more, I came to a new understanding of how useful the teachings are in both a work and a personal capacity.

My role involves assisting Trevor as his Personal Assistant but I also manage Atrainability’s online presence and Marketing.

My role is completely office based and Atrainability has improved my communications skills, self-awareness and made me more mindful of others’ behaviour types; understanding how they best receive communications and become motivated.

A mildly embarrassing human error of mine was a few months ago. Shortly after finishing work, I left the office to pick my son up from nursery. Reversing in my car I quickly realised my mistake; I’d reversed into Trevor and Sue’s shiny red Audi! I quickly let myself back in to alert them to my error. I had worried that they would not be best pleased with me, however they helped me to realise that I had in fact been distracted with what I needed to do next (pick up my son) rather than focusing on what was happening in the present.

An everyday example of a situation awareness based error; the Audi had not been parked there when I’d arrived and being distracted, I hadn’t looked for it when I went to leave. I suppose it also helped that there wasn’t a scratch on the Audi, however my poor little KA had a fractured rear bumper! Perhaps interestingly, the RAC released a press release last year claiming that ‘Two thirds of drivers say their vehicles have been damaged in a car park’. I wonder how many, like me were distracted and not aware of the present situation.

The more I learn about the health and safeguarding teams Atrainability works with gives me even more admiration for just how much they achieve and how they find solutions under real pressure. I’m proud to be working with a company which provides a space for those teams to openly address their challenges; their near-misses and the human errors that are rarely discussed, and use those experiences to help make real changes to avoid error and improve team working within their everyday practice.

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