Chris Mills


Chris has worked as a child protection manager, a social work academic and as a policy adviser in child protection for a leading UK charity. He holds an MBA degree and in recent years has been much involved in business education. He is an associate fellow of the University of Warwick Business School.


In the 1980s Chris became interested in the similarities between the study of error in aviation, medicine and social work. In 1990 he co-authored an academic paper on critical incident reporting, arguing for its potential in child protection. Subsequently he studied the development of human factors training in aviation and medicine and has for campaigned for the adoption of HF approaches in child protection.

Chris has published articles and research reports on a number of child protection themes, including Problems at Home, Problems at School (NSPCC 2004 and (with Dr. Zoe Hilton) “It’s about trust: views of young people on information sharing(London: Office of the Children’s Commissioner, September 2006).

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