Sharing the Learning for 15 years

We're proud to announce that Atrainability have been delivering training and mentoring across the UK for 15 years.

Celebrate with us by enrolling on our limited edition taster classes

As part of our birthday celebrations this year, we will be introducing a mini e-learning series of Human Factors taster classes. These 5-minute online workshops will be available for a limited time only, and aim to provide a sample of the core subjects which are tackled in more detail with our in-house Introduction to Human Factors training.

Interested in gaining a small insight into what we do? Enrol for free and we’ll contact you as soon as our online taster workshops are available.

Our team share their personal Human Factors challenges, stories and insights on turning 15…

Human Factors MasterclassesTrevor Dale Managing Director

Working with Atrainability has helped me appreciate just how hard so many healthcare teams work under stressful and often under-resourced conditions.

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Human Factors MasterclassesBen Tipney Human Factors Training Consultant

Working with Atrainability has provided a real insight into just how challenging and stressful a job healthcare professionals have and it's given me a deep respect for what they do.

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Human Factors MasterclassesSue Dale Company Secretary

During my time working with the Atrainability time my personal life has truly benefitted.
Hubby more tolerant of my mistakes and his own, and a few phrases have entered our lives such as 'so if need to have a difficult conversation with you when would be a good time?’

Human Factors MasterclassesTheresa Campbell Training and Client Manager

There’s no doubt about it - human factors make a difference, even if like me you don’t spend your working day in a high risk environment - unless the printer’s having a bad day of course!

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Human Factors MasterclassesKatie Morris PA to MD and Marketing Coordinator

The term Human Factors was completely new to me when I started working with Atrainability. As I began to learn more, I came to a new understanding of how useful the teachings are in both a work and a personal capacity.

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Human Factors MasterclassesDenis Campbell Human Factors Training Consultant

Training Human Factors with Atrainability has demonstrated to me the importance of the correct design and use of Checklists and procedures. They should be there to help the Team and ensure that something is not missed.

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Human Factors Masterclasses Matt Lindley Human Factors Training Consultant

I have had the luxury of Crew Resource Management / Human Factors imbedded in aviation culture through out my career.  As a result human fallibility, assertiveness and flatter authority gradients have been a part of the working environment for my entire flying career.

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Human Factors MasterclassesKaren Speight Human Factors Training Consultant

Human factors are so embedded in our everyday life as well as our working lives. The other day I decided to tidy out my cutlery drawer. Everything was out on the work surface and, as the newly cleaned drawer was drying ready for re-loading, I decided to make a cup of coffee.

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