Course attendee comment

This short 2 minute video testimonial is from a Doctor of Emergency Medicine reflecting on how she has seen the significant benefits of Atrainability Human Factors training



TESTIMONIALS from a few of our Clients

Professor James Reason
Emeritus Professor University of Manchester

The great skills of Trevor Dale and his colleagues is that they’ve successfully bridged the gulf between the flight deck and the operating theatre. Effective leadership, team management, clear communications, briefings, debriefings, coping with authority gradients and other non-technical skills have a vital part to play in both domains. Guy Hirst and his colleagues at Atrainability have done a wonderful job of persuading health care professionals that these skills are vital to patient safety in a variety of hospital settings. Not only that, they have convinced health carers that these are skills that must be trained and practised; they don’t come ready-made, or at least only too rarely. Captains Dale and his training captain colleagues are indeed the most acceptable and beneficial face of aviation human factors.

Professor James Reason, Professor Emeritus
The University of Manchester

Simon Carley
Consultant in Emergency Medicine

As an emergency physician I was sceptical about how ideas developed in the aviation industry could be applied to the emergency setting. Having now trained with Trevor and his team I realise that so much of their knowledge in human factors is in fact transferable to my practice and I am now clearly much better equipped to identify and resolve human factor problems. With their help I feel that I now have completed my journey from cynic - sceptic – believer – advocate of human factors training to the benefit of my patients and my colleagues in the emergency team.

Simon Carley
Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Professor, Centre for Effective Emergency Care, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Allan Goldman
Lead Consultant for The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

It has been a huge privilege working with Captain Trevor Dale and the Atrainability team over the past 10 years in both a research and training capacity. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Atrainability to support any human factors training and team work initiatives in the medical profession.

Dr Allan Goldman
Lead Consultant for The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London

Professor Ellis Downes
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician - Minimal Access Surgeon

Your insights were extremely perceptive and I have been feeding back to the nurses both at Chase Farm and at Kings Oak who I think are enjoying, possibly for the first time, having to think about why a team functions well or why it needs to do better.

Professor Ellis Downes Gynaecologist and Obstetrician - Minimal Access Surgeon

Professor Marc de Leval
International Congenital Cardiac Centre

My main contribution to the study of human factors in surgical outcomes has been my collaboration with human factor experts. I am particularly grateful to James Reason who in 1991 published a seminal book on human errors and who is the father of the organisational accident theory which has now been extensively applied to healthcare. I am equally grateful to two BA pilots, Guy Hirst and Trevor Dale, with whom I have collaborated closely for the past three years. They brought to my research team twenty years of experience in applied human factor research in the aviation industry.

Professor Marc de Leval MD, FRCS
International Congenital Cardiac Centre
Harley Street London

Emma Nunez
Safer Care North East Programme Manager

The key enabling theme throughout the North East’s Patient Safety Programme, Safer Care North East, was the introduction of Human Factors to facilitate improvements in Patient Safety.

Trevor and the Atrainability team have mastered the technique of translating and communicating the learning messages from Aviation to Healthcare very effectively. The North East Strategic Health Authority has worked closely with Atrainability for the last 2 years and they have been heavily involved in our Safer Care North East Programme. The work began with Newcastle Hospitals Neurosurgery Department and has spread significantly since that began in early 2009. We now have a number of Trained Human Factor Trainers in the North East who are clinical leaders, in a position to implement this into their own healthcare teams. Trevor and his team has then supported this implementation by providing coaching to these trainers and their teams in the clinical setting at the frontline and human factors is becoming common place in our clinical areas.
Our programme has been a huge success, however our key learning points were:

- Get your clinical leaders to the Human Factors awareness days –however make sure once you have raised the awareness you have the capacity to feed the hunger it creates !

- Make sure you have the support planned thereafter – transferring these skills into practice is quite different to learning it in the classroom so coaching and support from the experts is a requirement!

We are seeing some positive changes in the North East and would highly recommend such an approach to others. We still have staff contacting us asking when Trevor his team are next coming to the North East!!!

Emma Nunez - Safer Care North East Programme Manager
Yvonne Evans - Strategic Head of Patient Safety

Zeena Makhija
University Hospital of Wales

The SLIPS course was absolutely fabulous and has had a tremendous impact on the way I handle situations at work now.

Zeena Makhija
University Hospital of Wales.

Vanessa Garside
Nurse Practitioner - Cardiac Services

I really enjoyed the course Atrainability gave last week, it was excellent and something I think everyone in the NHS would benefit from.

Vanessa Garside
Nurse Practitioner - Cardiac Services
Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children

Tom Henricks
NASA Astronaut and Commander

Trevor and his colleague Guy spent decades repeatedly forming high performance teams...airline crews, randomly assigned, yet accountable as a team for the safety and delivery of hundreds of passengers and valuable aircraft each flight. Every flight presents challenges due to the complex, often unpredictable interactions of weather, machine, human, procedure, business, and global events. Having flown with these gentlemen, I assure you that Atrainability can launch any team to a higher level !

Tom Henricks
NASA Astronaut and Commander /pilot of four space shuttle missions

Julie Johnson
Manager Health & Social Care Team

Brilliant course, well-presented & held my attention throughout. I really thought about my practice & how the team reacts. Really made me think & gave me simple actions that I can implement on a day to day basis.

Julie Johnson
Manager Weston Health & Social Care Team