How just one smile made me feel safe

Sports presenter and campaigner Charlie Webster shares the story of the moment she was told she was going to die. 

She still suffers flashbacks and PTSD three years after contracting Malaria in Rio de Janeiro at the Olympic games. 

Charlie talks so openly in this episode of Atrainability Radio about how we can learn from her physical and mental aftercare and how it is important to recognise in others when they are not okay but it is even more important to recognise in ourselves when we are not okay.

Here's my conversation with Charlie Webster in episode 003 of Atrainability Radio.

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Follow Charlie on Twitter: @charlieCW

Watch Charlie's TEDxNHS 2019 live talk here:

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More information about Charlie is on her website:

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Trevor Dale and his team at Atrainability work extensively with NHS Trusts and healthcare professionals to train thousands of staff to create safe and effective teams.

In this podcast series, Trevor interviews a wide range of everyday NHS staff and patients, as well as his colleagues. Each conversation shares a unique story, spreading their learning far and wide.

Many of Trevor's guests in Season One of Atrainability Radio spoke at TEDxNHS 2019, where Atrainability were a sponsor. This is the first time these insightful conversations have been shared for the public to hear.

Coming up in the first season of Atrainability Radio:

Sarah Hillman is a clinician and academic researcher

Rachel Pilling is a consultant ophthalmologist and co-founder of 15s30m

Alexandra Adams is a 4th year medical student and the first deafblind person in the UK to be trained towards becoming a doctor

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