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Here we share some thoughts, insights and ideas related to Human Factors Training

Ward Teams Training

HF Foundation course

An understanding of the patient safety issues involved with human fallibility
Practical tools for leadership of the patient care team
Handovers – avoiding the threats to safe handovers
Communication skills aimed at levelling the unnecessary hierarchy
Assertiveness skills
Avoiding interruptions and distractions
Effective decision making
Tools to help avoid and trap misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis
Briefing the team to gain optimal high quality efficient work distribution
Debriefing the team to capture the first hand learning
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EPICC –Error Prevention In Complex Care course

This course in clinical team leadership has been designed to provide emergency physicians with the skills to manage and lead an unrehearsed multidisciplinary team who assemble in the resus room to manage critically ill patients and receive ambulance alerts.

The course is classroom and simulated role-play based with opportunities to put practical lessons into play.

Human Factors experts working together with emergency physicians have created this one-day course to give emergency physicians the practical skills to manage competing interests, challenging personalities among team members and to maintain control in the resus room to ensure the delivery of optimum multi-disciplinary team care to critically unwell patients.

Feedback evaluations of the course have been highly positive and repeat courses have been delivered at two venues.

Contact Atrainability for booking information. Please note the course is not currently run on an open basis, but only for Trusts. 

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