Course comments March 19
It is a delight to read the comments of the course I have just presented to just 6 middle grade doctors. The big question is where were their colleagues? 
Comments from today - “The things I learned in the course are all very practical and make sense. I now realize that in addition to technical competence, how important a part human and social factors play in the outcome of various situations. Proper understanding of human factors situation awareness, decision making process and team working can make a huge difference in the outcome of difficult incidents.”
Another “a very memorable and enjoyable course, very important for NHS employees to attend – to improve safety and relationships with colleagues. I plan to perform briefing, checklist and debriefing for my bronchoscopy list”.
My favourite is “Fantastic! Let’s get the Managers and Chief Exec on this course too”. That is a comment we often hear. However when one of our SHA clients invited Board members to a special day about a year ago – how many do you think turned up? Just 2 non-execs. How many apologised for the no-show – none.