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Alexandra Adams a 4th year medical student, registered blind and hearing impaired, making her the first deafblind person in the UK to be trained towards becoming a doctor. 

Having faced discrimination and inequality in the workplace, she advocates for better diversity, inclusivity and representation for those with disabilities.

Alexandra shares with Trevor in this episode of Atrainability Radio, her very own personal stories and frustrations as a patient and also a doctor in palliative medicine and how empathy is vital.

Here's my conversation with Alexandra Adams, in episode 06 of Atrainability Radio.

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Watch Alexandra's TEDxNHS 2019 live talk

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Trevor Dale and his team at Atrainability work extensively with NHS Trusts and healthcare professionals to train thousands of staff to create safe and effective teams.

In this podcast series, Trevor interviews a wide range of everyday NHS staff and patients, as well as his colleagues. Each conversation shares a unique story, spreading their learning far and wide.

Many of Trevor's guests in Season One of Atrainability Radio spoke at TEDxNHS 2019, where Atrainability were a sponsor. This is the first time these insightful conversations have been shared for the public to hear.

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