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This is the reaction to one of our training days for the NHS Wales National Leadership Programme last week.

“I also attended the Human Factors Training on Thursday afternoon.(which incidentally was a brilliant afternoon and must be fed back effectively to staff who weren't lucky enough to be there) This is the area i work in and already the practice of the WHO checklist has been introduced and has seen great benefits in the Operating Theatre. 
However there are still improvements to be made and all grades to realise they have a duty to be involved, and as Denis Campbell stresses it is a tool that may need changing if the professionals who are using it feel it is not working, as in the Aviation business it has been transformed many times over the last 40 years. It has the ability to be brilliant if everyone comes aboard. 
The advantage that the aviation profession have over us is the Black Box, where every bit of what went wrong is recorded, so they know exactly where things went wrong and precisely at what point. We do have documentation and some equipment that holds data, but a lot of our errors are gathered like pieces of a jigsaw and not always 100% accurate. Communication and Reflection are our biggest tools and Horizon mirrored this with the scenario of a failed airway.(This again is a brilliant piece of work). Through all our roles we can find examples of things that went well, could have gone better, went wrong and must always reflect and learn from these and use this experience to pass on. 
An honest and open approach is one we must adopt unlike the Politicians!! I again ask the Managers to come out from their offices and look at the Work force i.e the Human Factors that are contributing to the patient care that is being delivered, all levels within the Health Board need to examine their behaviour towards patients and staff, as Denis Campbell said you don`t want to change someone`s personality but they may need to change their behaviour towards a patient or Team members. 
If staff are happy in their work, patients may have a better experience, if checks are done it should be a safer one too!!Its not rocket science, its so achievable if staff felt cared for this would definitely have a good effect on the morale and to the working day and in turn be really good news for our patients!! Sometimes we become so bogged down with all the politics we forget the basics and that is Care and this goes for patients and staff!! 
One of the exercises that we did as a group on the Human Factors presentation was "What makes a good day" and "what makes a bad day" Have a think with your Team members you may be surprised!! We can`t get out of this mess but we can hopefully make the best of it!!
We in Theatres are working on it!!!!!!!!”

Junior Doctors training
Blame or learning?


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Wednesday, 04 August 2021

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