UCLP - Human Factors training for teams from across the London region - www.uclpartners.com

West Midlands AHSN - Human Factors training for teams from across the West Midlands region - www.wmahsn.org

East Midlands AHSN - Human Factors for Emergency Department teams from across the region - www.emahsn.org.uk

Health Education North West London Dental Deanery - Human Factors for postgraduate dentists and Deanery Trainers - www.hee.nhs.uk/hee-your-area/north-west-london

UHNM - In depth training for the Critical Care Unit MDTs - www.uhnm.nhs.uk/Pages/Home.aspx

James Paget - Maternity unit training - www.jpaget.nhs.uk

Milton Keynes - Maternity and surgical unit training - www.mkhospital.nhs.uk

North Cumbria University Hospital - Human Factors training and coaching across the surgical, maternity and endoscopy units - www.ncuh.nhs.uk

Bedford - HF for maternity unit - www.bedfordhospital.nhs.uk

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS FT - Training Human Factors 'Champions' - www.bhamcommunity.nhs.uk 

Shrewsbury & Telford - in-depth safety culture training and support - www.sath.nhs.uk

Gateshead - Human Factors training and coaching across the surgical, maternity and endoscopy units - www.qegateshead.nhs.uk

Birmingham Dental Hospital & School of Dentistry - www.bhamcommunity.nhs.uk/patients-public/dental-services  

North Lincs and Goole - in-depth training and support across the entire Trust MDT - www.nlg.nhs.uk

United Lincolnshire - train the trainer in Human Factorshttps - www.ulh.nhs.uk

Norfolk and Norwich - Maternity team training - www.nnuh.nhs.uk

Derbyshire Healthcare - Train the Trainer within the Trust - www.derbyshirehealthcareft.nhs.uk 

Leeds Teaching - major program to train and support teams in Human factors across many specialties - www.leedsth.nhs.uk

Cheshire and the Wirral Partnership NHS FT - major program training from Board to frontline in Human factors Awareness

Mid Yorkshire - SAS doctor training course in Human factors awareness - www.midyorks.nhs.uk

Northumbria Healthcare - across the Trust training and support in Human factors - www.northumbria.nhs.uk

Great Western - www.gwh.nhs.uk - maternity unit training in Human factors

Darren Valley - surgery and maternity and other specialties in improving Human factors awareness - www.dvh.nhs.uk

Surrey Borders Partnership - senior leadership and management training and coaching in Human factors awareness - www.sabp.nhs.uk

Mid Essex - maternity unit training and coaching - www.meht.nhs.uk

University Hospital Southampton - as continued leadership academy human factors training - www.uhs.nhs.uk

Sunderland - human factors for the ophthalmology unit and SAS doctors - www.chsft.nhs.uk

Coventry & Warwick - train the trainer program in Human Factors training - www.uhcw.nhs.uk

Western Health & Social Care Trust - Maternity and surgery unit Human factors training - www.westerntrust.hscni.net

Central Manchester FT, University Hospital of South Manchester, North Manchester - continued training in Human factors Awareness for postgraduate junior doctors

NHS Wales - SAS doctor training in foundation and advanced level Human factors awareness - www.wales.nhs.uk  

Medical Protection Society

Atrainability and MPS have forged close links and have developed 'Understanding Human Error in General Practice', a bespoke training course for healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland.Understanding Human Error in General Practice aims to improve the way teams work together. The objective is to gain an understanding of the importance of human factors in reducing healthcare professionals’ exposure to complaints and improving patient safety. See http://www.medicalprotection.org/uk/education-and-events/understanding-human-error-in-general-practice

The University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences

Atrainability are providing healthcare team training for a controlled interrupted time series design. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effect of three interventions on their own or in combination; teamwork training being one and lean and standardised operating procedures being the other two (see http://www.nds.ox.ac.uk/qrstu/research/research/safer-delivery-of-surgical-services) for more information).

North East Strategic Health Authority

Atrainability have embarked on an extensive program of training that will reach across multiple healthcare areas of the North East SHA. The initial work was focused on a research project in the Newcastle General Hospital Neurosurgery Unit under the leadership of Mr Patrick Mitchell. This work commenced July 2009 to introduce the NPSA Safer Surgery Checklist, coupled with pre-operative briefing, post-operative debriefing and improved communication in particular assertiveness training to all theatre staff. The feedback comments have been overwhelmingly positive and the audited correct use of the NPSA / WHO Safer Surgery checklist has improved dramatically. Atrainability have been further engaged to train human factors trainers for the SHA and directly train teams in all clinical areas including such as mental health crisis teams.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Atrainability provided the core teamwork training element of The Productive Operating Theatre program at all six field test sites. Several of those sites have re-engaged Atrainability to roll out further training across their remaining operating theatres.

BUPA Cromwell Hospital

Atrainability has delivered classroom sessions supported by in-theatre coaching to introduce the NPSA Safer Surgery Checklist to the Operating Theatre suite. The NPSA checklist can be viewed by clicking here

Hospitals where we have worked or are currently doing so :

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust

BUPA Cromwell Hospital

Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

Coventry Warwick NHS FT

East of England Strategic Health Authority

East Surrey NHS Trust

Frimley Park Hospital NHS FT

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the Institute for Child Health,

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

John Radcliffe Hospital and University of Oxford

Kent Surrey Sussex Deanery

Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust

King Edward vii Hospital St Agnes

King’s College Hospital NHS Trust

Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital

Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust

Medway NHS Foundation Trust

Milton Keynes Hospital Foundation Trust

Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

NHS Highland

North East Ambulance Service

North Western Deanery

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust Oxford

Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Oldham Hospital 

Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Royal Sussex County Hospital NHS Trust

Rugby St Cross Hospital

South East Coast Ambulance Service

Southampton University Hospital FT

Sunderland Royal Hospital

University College Hospital London NHS FT

West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Atrainability were the core training provider at the heart of a major BUPA-funded research project entitled : 'Can team communications training improve behaviour, attitudes, error rates or outcomes in the operating theatre?' Comments from attendees - "Shows that each of the members of the team need to work together", "People feeling able to join in", "Role playing useful", " Immediately illustrates what benefits might be", "Very useful having the summary", "Congrats on getting all tribes into a room together in challenging circumstances". The project was led by Mr Peter McCulloch MBChB, MA, MD, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Glas), clinical reader in surgery University of Oxford.

The Royal College of Surgeons of England

Between 2005 and 2008 Atrainability designed, developed and presented the SLIPS (Safety and Leadership in Interventional Procedures and Surgery) course under the guidance of Mr A E B Giddings.

British Airways Flight Training

Atrainability have been supplying consultancy services for classroom training of Flight Crew Instructors and simulator training on Boeing 747-400 for external contract Flight Crews.

Royal Air Force College Cranwell

Atrainability helped provide a Crew Resource Management Instructors Course for senior RAF Instructors at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell.

Royal Amiri Flight -Qatar

In 2010 VP Aviation, operators of the Qatari Amiri Royal Flight Boeing 747 SP, returned to Atrainability to run a complete CRM refresher training programme for their entire flight, cabin ground and engineering crew. Captain Malcolm Mogford said "a most enjoyable couple of days which surfaced a lot of issues and which helped enormously to ensure the continued safe operation of the Amiri Flight".

Canary Wharf Management Plc

Atrainability, using skills of Airline Cabin Crew training have enhanced the Customer Service skills of front-line Security staff. The ½ day interactive course focuses on identifying the customer and particularly on face-to-face communications.

The advanced course for supervisors concentrates on building and maintaining the team , especially related directly to the workplace, concentrating on styles of leadership appropriate to the changing situation. It also includes Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator leading to self awareness and understanding the needs of those with whom we work and come into contact. It deals with conflict management and appropriate behaviour by translating theory into practice.

Oxford Aviation Academy

From 2004 to 2009 Atrainability ran a very successful contract with Oxford Aviation Academy. The aim? To get ab-initio pilots from single crew cockpit equipped to fly in any Airline Flight Deck. The First Officer Fundamentals course fulfils the mandatory requirements of Crew Resource Management and Multi Crew Co-operation as part of the highly acclaimed Airline Preparation Programme (APP). Subject matter includes Communication Skills, Self-Awareness, Decision Making, Behaviour, Feedback, Threat Error Management, Situation Awareness and Briefing Skills as well as an understanding of the needs and expectations of the ultimate clients – the passengers themselves.

The Course has been enthusiastically received by customer airlines of OAA. Atrainability is delighted to congratulate OAA on the runaway success of the APP course with many graduates now flying with major airlines throughout the World as well as many executive jet operators such as NetJets Europe. Click Here to view course content on OAA website

Jet Airways

Atrainability provided specialised Core course training for Jet Airways instructor pilots at their home base in Mumbai.