We've worked with healthcare teams in both the NHS and private sector across the UK and can offer a range of team training and coaching options.

Atrainability deliver courses in the following Healthcare areas

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Coaching & Mentoring

This one-day course aims to provide professionals with an underlying understanding of the philosophy of coaching, along with a range of practical skills that will assist them in coaching colleagues as a method of developing and empowering their teams.

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Out of Hours Services

Practical tools for leadership of the out of hours team An understanding of the patient safety issues involved with human fallibility Tools to help avoid and trap misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis

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Fertility IVF

Understanding how and why errors occur can actively improve the safety culture of a team or organisation. Imbedding the principles of Human Factors can make a real positive improvement to issues.

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Secondary & Acute

Human Factors Awareness Course. This course is highly interactive with group discussion and aimed at introducing new concepts whilst capitalising on team members own experiences.

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SAS Doctors

The two day highly popular interactive course attracts 12 external CPD points and comprises. The programme is designed to be interactive throughout and result in practical skills developed from those mandated in over 40 countries.

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Improvement Science

Patient Safety Solutions you can measure. Atrainability and Quality Improvement Clinic bring you new and exciting courses that reflect the best our combined knowledge and experience of Human Factors and Quality Improvement Science can offer

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Ward Teams

Good practice avoiding, trapping and mitigating threats to safety and errors are fundamental aspects of this programme. The Programme is tailored to nursing staff to enhance motivation and focus and to help make work enjoyable.

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Clinical Simulation

Working with you and by observing your team in action we can help to highlight positive and negative processes and behaviours in order to raise awareness of Human Factors challenges

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Mental Health

The training is focused on supporting sustainable error prevention for team members. Major areas of development are aggression towards inmates and staff, self-harm, falls and drug administration errors.

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Post Graduate

The course contains: Behaviour in the workplace, Time management, Team-working, Leadership, Communication with patients and in difficult circumstances, Risks of fatigue ill health and stress, Interface with other professionals.

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NatSSIPs are a specialist area for Atrainability. Developing LocSSIPs, the local version of NatSSIPs, requires expert help. Atrainability offer that help, in design, development and implementation, from advice to training and coaching.

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SMART course in conjunction with the Difficult Airway Society including Practical tools for leadership of the anaesthetic team Tools to help avoid and trap errors and threats

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Maternity Teams

Delivering Human Factors Training for Maternity units is a particular specialist focus for Atrainability having worked in many teams across the UK with considerable success over recent years.

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Under Graduate

Atrainability in conjunction with medical professionals is developing specific undergraduate medical school courses in Human Factors with the help of a cadre of Junior Doctors from South London

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