Patient Safety Solutions you can measure

 A course that teaches Human Factors solutions paired with Quality Improvement Science.

Improvement Science + Human Factors = Better Care

Atrainability and Quality Improvement Clinic are delighted to be partnering over the next year to bring you new and exciting courses that reflect the best our combined knowledge and experience of Human Factors and Quality Improvement Science can offer. Our aim will be to deliver a more rounded learning experience, with sustainable and measured outcomes for our customers.

Clients will benefit from the way Trevor and Nikki bounce off each other, their enthusiasm and drive is captivating and participants will leave the learning sessions with a plan of action to take back to their working environment. They will learn the skills and tools needed to help identify problems, speak up, take action and measure their improvements.

"Quality Improvement and Human Factors seem like a natural fit. We believe the two concepts will take patient safety further, faster"

– Trevor Dale, Atrainability

"Since I first became fascinated with quality improvement I saw the strong synergy with human factors and in particular the principles that underpin both areas of expertise. I’m delighted we have the opportunity to develop together new learning that will really impact care given to patients. Our team are excited at the prospect of working with Trevor and his team"

– Nicola Davey, QIC Ltd


Recent client feedback – Spoonful of Sugar

QICLearn and Atrainability recently developed and ran the first in a series of bespoke courses for the team at Spoonful of Sugar<link>. The team were encouraged to consider working together on a small improvement piece with a series of interactive exercises to help them develop a better understanding of human factors principles and understand how they present in their working environment. 

The workshop received some wonderful feedback demonstrating how our combined learning approach really added value for our client. We also helped the company pinpoint other learning pieces that their team would benefit from, which complements the ethos of their own behaviour change consultancy. 

"Since the workshop I have already put into practice some of the things I have learnt about effective communication. I feel that I am able to convey the action I require in my emails. My boss has even noticed and welcomed the improvement!"

– Sabine Gobert, Researcher and Project Manager

"Thank you so much for the fantastic and very insightful training session on Monday – I really enjoyed it. One of the key things I picked up (and will try to adopt) is to not be ashamed to fail and to try to use for it benefit in future. I’m really interested in QI and keen to adopt your approaches"

– Chloe Tuck, Research & Development Lead


By the end of this masterclass delegates will be able to:

• Be inspired to use human factors and improvement science to deliver better outcomes for their patient e.g. during transitions of care
• Understand Threat and Error Management - an essential concept in learning from error and success
• Understand and accept the causes of mistakes - how to maintain confidence in the high pressure workplace
• Know the early warning signs that things are not as they should be and what to do about them
• Understand and adopt effective communication - ensuring mutual understanding

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