Human Factors in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)


Fertility clinics and other laboratory-based healthcare professions rely heavily on highly technical clinical processes. In these repetitive, high risk working environments, it's important to understand that human error is inevitable. The human brain is not ideally designed for repetitious working involving high concentration for extended periods. In fact, according to the government watchdog in Britain - the Human Fertility and Embryology Association, the number of very serious Category A or B errors has increased more than fourfold since 2008.

Typical tragic errors:

  • The most viable embryo being irretrievably discarded
  • Wrong sperm being injected into embryo
  • Last remaining embryo was implanted into the wrong woman, who later terminated the pregnancy

Our team will work with you to deliver bespoke solutions ..

At Atrainability we will work with you through observations, team training and coaching to provide solutions to team working problems, in many cases before they have become visible. We believe proactive investment in training teams, leaders and individuals helps protect them and of course their employing organisation from expensive errors. Our focus is not on the skills required to perform a task but more about identifying and building understanding of the inherent shortcomings in cognitive and behavioural skills that can lead to irreparable errors in the workplace. Relevant examples are interruptions, distractions and long periods without physiological breaks. Conflict between individuals can exacerbate these issues. In some cases equipment or process errors can be to blame but in all cases the end-user, the IVF professional, can successfully avoid, trap or manage active and potential errors to maintain safety and successful outcomes.

What will I gain ?

By understanding how and why errors occur can actively improve the safety culture of your team or organisation.

Imbedding the principles of Human Factors can make a real positive improvement to issues such as: 

  • staff morale
  • stress and time management
  • patient safety
  • communication
  • situation awareness
  • inappropriate hierarchy
  • improved reporting
  • team resilience
  • staff retention
  • avoiding repeated errors

Our trainers will work with you to provide a complete solution - spending time with you and your team to understand the issues you face and designing a bespoke package of training, coaching and ongoing support, together with reports and robust measurements of change.

Who would benefit from this training ? Our training is suitable for all staff involved in safety and reliability in IVF organisations.

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