National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures
NatSSIPs and LocSSIPs


National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures NatSSIP and LocSSIPNatSSIPs are a specialist area for the Atrainability team. Developing LocSSIPs, the local version of NatSSIPs, requires expert help. Atrainability offer that help, in design, development and implementation, from advice to training and coaching.

We have extensive experience in training the knowledge and skills to put these into practice. The additional crucial elements are confidence and attitude.

The confidence comes from a thorough understanding of why NatSSIPs are necessary and how to use them on a daily basis. The attitude is the acceptance that a practical, simple tool is necessary to combat the avoidable harm that can and sadly does occur when experienced professionals work in todays health and social care system.

NatSSIPs have been a natural development of the accepted WHO Safer Surgery Checklist which has been mandated since 2009, but still, in 2016 is not achieving ideal results.

Atrainability offer a range of training and coaching options :

  • Trust-wide programmes that are designed to cover all departments and embed safety Champions and train the front-line teams and individuals. This aspect also covers leadership specialised courses and Master-classes and supportive coaching
  • Train the Champion courses, minimum two days, ideally three or more. They offer an in-depth understanding of Human Factors principles and the tools and skills that help the front line teams to work safe. The by-product is sufficient understanding to look into Root Cause Analysis to see beyond what people did but to look into why
  • Human factors awareness modules for front line teams that can be delivered throughout the year in modular design
  • Supportive work-place coaching to cement the knowledge and skill.

The concept of Threat and Error Management is nothing new and we at Atrainability, have been promoting this way of working from our inception in 2002 with significant success. The origins lie in the work of Professor James Reason and Professor Robert Helmreich in the 1990’s: READ MORE HERE

The practical tools of Briefing, Checklist and effective Teamworking and Debriefing are well acknowledged. Atrainability helped Newcastle Royal Infirmary Neurosurgery department as long ago as 2006 with hugely successful results READ MORE HERE.

You can read more about the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures NatSSIPs and LocSSIPs on the NHS for England website

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