Out of Hours Services


Doctors out of hours servicesHuman factors training for Out of Hours Service providers will help individuals and teams gain an insight into the challenges they are currently facing and what they can do to solve them. Our training will provide practical solutions which can be implemented immediately in their daily practice. In addition delegates will gain skills that will improve patient safety, performance and job satisfaction.  

What do I gain ?

  • An understanding of the patient safety issues involved with human fallibility
  • Practical tools for leadership of the out of hours team
  • Communication skills aimed at levelling the unnecessary hierarchy
  • Solutions for tackling stress and time management
  • An improvement in situation awareness
  • The ability to ask open questions, even with difficult patient conversations
  • Practical solutions to avoid falling into confirmation bias traps
  • Being aware of common bias that can effect remote conversations
  • Self-awareness and Assertiveness skills
  • Avoiding interruptions and distractions
  • Effective decision making using all available resources
  • Tools to help avoid and trap misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis
  • Briefing the team to gain optimal high quality efficient work distribution
  • Debriefing the team to capture the first hand learning
“The presenter was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He used varied teaching techniques, multi-media, group work, discussion and the topic was absorbing and interesting”

Anita Brennan Course Attendee

The course will explore :

  • Why we make mistakes - stress, work load management
  • Situation awareness - sharing understanding here, now, & next
  • Decision making - avoiding the traps of confirmation bias
  • Communication skills - ensuring mutual understanding
  • Assertiveness skills - challenging hierarchy and inappropriate behaviour
  • Leadership and Team working skills - effective consistently
  • Self-awareness - preferences and stress effects of personalities
  • Effective Briefing - sharing the plan, preparing for problems - with the whole team
  • Checklists – design, implementation, and effective usage - not just tick boxes
  • Effective Debriefing - sharing the learning

Training methods :

Initial courses will be delivered at Foundation level, combining short lectures with individual and team exercises as well as open discussion.

We also offer a variety of masterclasses for those who already have an understanding of Human Factors but wish to focus on specific problem areas.

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