Post Graduate


Human factors are all about professionalism and how humans relate to the world around them. Those who attend our training programme gain an understanding of human factors and the practical skills that ensure they achieve the below competencies. In addition they gain skills that will improve patient safety, operational performance and job satisfaction.  

Training methods :

Initial courses will be delivered at Foundation level, combining short lectures with individual and team exercises as well as open discussion. We also offer a variety of masterclasses for those who already have an understanding of Human Factors but wish to focus on specific challenges.

The Foundation Curriculum contains the following core competencies :

  • Behaviour in the workplace
  • Time management
  • Team-working
  • Leadership
  • Communication with patients
  • Communication in difficult circumstances > Risks of fatigue, ill health and stress
  • Interface with other professionals

Tutors will see :

  • Junior doctors who are more aware of the cognitive, physiological and emotional limitations of themselves, their colleagues and patients

Junior Doctors will obtain :

  • An insight into their own performance and some practical tools to keep patients safer.
  • An understanding of concepts that will form a major part of everyday safe efficient practice

Colleagues will see :

  • A new generation of doctors with increased self-awareness and insight of themselves, in particular what makes highly reliable, resilient, safe practitioners.
  • People who are great team players
  • Individuals who can deal effectively with interruptions and distractions
  • People who have clear and effective communication skills

In-House Training :

The programme can be tailored to your specific needs but is based around three modules with engaging and relevant clinical content and scenarios.


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