Ward Teams


In the wake of the Francis Report into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust care and compassion as well as Patient Safety are paramount. This Programme is tailored to nursing staff to enhance motivation and focus and to help make work enjoyable. Good practice avoiding, trapping and Mitigating threats to safety and errors are fundamental aspects of the Atrainability Nursing Programme. 

Outcomes are :

  • An understanding of how mistakes are made. It isn't stupidity, but human fallibility
  • Practical tools for leadership of the patient care team
  • Handovers – ensuring mutual understanding in a dynamic high pressure environment
  • Communication skills for patient, relatives and colleagues
  • Assertiveness skills to handle aggression and unacceptable behaviour
  • Dealing with interruptions and distractions and avoiding mistakes
  • Effective problem solving incorporating analysis and review and avoiding the dangers of intuitive decisions - handy real-world tools
  • Tools to help avoid and trap misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis
  • Briefing the team to gain optimal high quality efficient work distribution
  • Debriefing the team to capture the first hand learning in a simple really usable method


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