Emergency Services

Atrainability are working closely with HFR Solutions, a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company linked to Humberside Fire & Rescue Service.

HFR Solutions are offering Human Factors training courses for COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) sites. http://www.hfrsolutions.co.uk/

Together we are now able to offer courses in aviation-based Crew Resource Management for teams in all areas of the Emergency Services.

The same areas of cognitive, team and communication dysfunction are applicable in the Emergency Services such as in Aviation and Healthcare teams.

Atrainability brings unrivalled skills in delivering top quality training and coaching based on many years experience in a range of high-reliability teams. Working in conjunction with StudioCode software we can bring fast, effective, efficient safety team training blending non-technical skills with standard technical training.  The crucial impact of Human Factors and human fallibility are well acknowledged with disasters such as Piper Alpha and Buncefield and a multitude of comparatively minor accidents and incidents.

HFR Solutions' team of experienced trainers have benefited from Atrainability's input on training delivery and courses will be offered from early 2014.

Typical content:

  • why and how we make mistakes and tools to avoid error
  • stress, overload and breaking the rules - how to protect safe practice
  • situation awareness - the 'mental model' we all try to maintain of what is happening and could or should happen
  • decision making - avoiding the traps of intuition with practical tools
  • leadership and teamwork - accepted effective behaviours
  • communication skills - as pactised in high relaibility professions such as aviation
  • assertiveness and dealing with difficult people
  • briefing the team 
  • design and use of checklists
  • debriefing - looking to learn and prevent future recurrence

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